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I solve problems through communication & design


I bring a unique skill set as a Creative Director, as I combine exceptional conceptualizing and vision with years of hands on production and design experience. My past experience in these roles gives specific insight into the requirements of each team member, as well as the ability to handle or assist any part of a project myself. Communication is one of my strongest skills, and I am able to clearly state and explain concepts and vision to both the client and the team in a way that everyone understands not only the end goal, but the path needed to take to get there. My main objective is to provide a concise concept and then execute clear direction of the tasks at hand to create a positive, fun and efficient work environment designed for inspiration, collaboration and achievement.

Some brands and agencies I've worked with: KPMG, Design Within Reach, LYMBR, Cava Capital, Sotheby's, Visa, eBay, PayPal, Lime Rock Park, Amherst Capital, Alexander Isley, The Chambers Group, Bite Sized Candy, Hagopian Ink, PappasMcDonnell and MillerSmith.


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Me & my dog

Ms. Nipsey Jane Russell, of the Red Hook Russells

Ms. Nipsey Jane Russell, of the Red Hook Russells